Peter Lio

Dr. Peter Lioliophotobw

Scientific Advisory Board for the National Eczema Association
Atopic Dermatitis Workgroup for the American Academy of Dermatology
Harvard Medical School
Boston Children’s Hospital for my Pediatrics Internship
Harvard Combined Dermatology Program for Dermatology Residency
Medical Dermatology Associates of Chicago, in Chicago, IL
What does being a dermatologist mean to you?
It means helping patients with a variety of skin, hair, and nail conditions, including preventative care. It also means really listening to the patient to create a therapeutic alliance that feels right and is do-able.
Why is spreading Red Skin Syndrome/Topical steroid addiction knowledge important to you?
This is a terrible condition that needs to be stopped in its tracks. It has a devastating effect on patients and their families, and also erodes the trust in the medical profession. This is something that I believe we can actually prevent and I feel that communication, understanding, and close follow up is key.
Link to his website and office website
Author on this paper

A systematic review of topical corticosteroid withdrawal (“steroid addiction”) in patients with atopic dermatitis and other dermatoses.
Hajar T, Leshem YA, Hanifin JM, Nedorost ST, Lio PA, Paller AS, Block J, Simpson EL; (the National Eczema Association Task Force).
J Am Acad Dermatol. 2015 Mar;72(3):541-549.e2. doi: 10.1016/j.jaad.2014.11.024.
Advice for Patients
Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell your doctor what your fears and hopes are. But, at the same time, work to find a good common ground so that there is a strong alliance rather than conflict. Sometimes that means finding a different doctor and sometimes that means building trust and understanding.
Hobbies outside of work
I love computers, technology, and video games
What would you be if you weren’t a doctor ?
I think I would be in technology, maybe to work at a company like Apple or Google.

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