Coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is progress;
Working together is a success – Henry Ford

Aside from sponsorships, the best kind of support comes from the community. Most battles are won by those who are passionate about the cause. When something has personally affected yourself or a loved one, it changes you. You push for reform.

Many have said it before, but every little bit counts. Each $1 donated is a step towards the goal. By giving, know you are not only becoming part of something bigger than yourself, but you are ultimately saving countless lives from suffering.


-Or- Paypal:

My aim is high but I fiercely believe we can do this. By sharing our stories, involving loved ones, and embracing our local communities, this can all be made possible. Speak to your local newspapers, reach out to your local t.v. stations, involve your workplace. Just by doing this you will be touching lives and some will be so moved, they will wholeheartedly give back.

How Is Funding Utilized?

Making a documentary is a very daunting but rewarding task. Money is just one obstacle, but it allows us to tackle almost all the rest.

For production costs, your money would go to:

Flights and baggage to:

Texas (2 cities)
Illinois (2 cities)
NYC (w/ ride to Pennsylvania)
West Virginia
British Columbia
England (3 cities)
possibly, with enough funding
Australia (2 cities)

 Car Rental for each city

Gas for the car
Bus/Subway fair
Hotel stay (roughly 15-20 nights)
*some cities I can stay with friends/interviewees

Food per diem for 2.5 months

India: $65, plus $35 processing fee

Equipment: cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, audio equipment, storage/baggage, batteries, external hard drives, SD cards, cables, computer upgrade, tripod, etc.

Fees: Website, LLC, taxes

$4500 to cover some of my bills back at home while traveling the 2.5 months

*All money made, 7-9% gets taken as payment for GoFundMe and Creative Visions

**and this is not encompassing the post-production costs

… the list is endless!